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Join the Revolution

What do you want in your food storage containers… Convenience? Durability? Easy cleaning? The ability to heat foods without worrying about chemicals from plastics? We want those things too, so we created frego.

With our FDA approved silicone sleeve and SoftSnap™ silicone lid, and our proprietary shatter-resistant glass bowls, frego keeps food fresh and fingers safe. Take it from fridge to microwave and table to dishwasher. You can even bake in it. Easy to use. Fewer dishes to clean.

At frego we're committed to creating products that are not only healthy and safe, but also eco-conscious and socially responsible.

Frego's award winning and patented products are designed to eliminate your everyday problems in storing, carrying and heating foods. It offers a complete solution while offering convenience, saving time, and keeping you healthy on the go!

“These smartly designed silicone and glass food containers from Frego are more than Just non-toxic - they're virtually airtight, spill proof and almost impossible to break. 

They also travel safely, whether it’s from freezer to oven or home to office.”

- Experience Life Magazine (Lifetime Fitness)