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Add Frego to Your School Supply List

Frego Admin - Monday, August 14, 2017

It’s time to pull the backpacks out of the closet and assess their readiness and coolness for another school year. If they are still in good shape after last year’s wear and tear, they’re ready to go from a parent’s perspective. From a kid’s perspective, they’re looking for a cool factor based on whatever their current vibe is. Do they want to boldly stand out with distinctive style, exist somewhere in the middle that’s non-committal or fly completely under the radar in a monochromatic look?

Whatever the decision on this school year’s backpack, you’ll need to go on at least one shopping trip to stock it. After the school list supply buying of folders, notebooks, pencils, markers, highlighters, glue, rulers and sharpeners is complete, you’re not even close to done. Remember the group supply list, shoes of all sorts, clothes and calculators are on a list too. Shop for those then it’s time to turn your attention to their lunch.

If you’ve sent your kids to school with a lunch from home in the past, what worked? What didn’t? Frego can help you avoid messes like when chicken noodle soup meets chemistry homework. Frego can also help busy families prep, store and grab meals from the fridge. Prep meals once or twice a week, write contents on the side or top and even your kids’ names and a date they should pack it.

The two-cup size frego with four color options for the outer silicone sleeve, is perfect for kids’ backpacks or lunch containers. They won’t leak either. So go ahead, pack the messiest mac-n-cheese or saucy noodle dishes. Your kids will enjoy the variety and everyone will appreciate less mess. Stock up with frego and check off all of your school supply shopping early this year!

Everyone Wins When Kids are Comfortable in the Kitchen

Frego Admin - Monday, July 24, 2017

I’m bored! Have some of you parents heard that from you children this summer? Maybe not at the onset, but by mid-July, mine have expressed more times than a few that they’re searching for something to do. By now, they recall that if they utter this phrase around a parent, it’s going to be met with a list of chores.

The list of chores to ease boredom doesn’t seem to go over well. Recently, I’ve been using the creativity of the kitchen to teach them some skills. We’ve chopped, diced, julienned, mashed, peeled, pressed (garlic), mixed, sautéed and served. Not all at once though.

Keeping kids interested in where their food comes from and how its prepared is a key way to instill healthy habits that last a lifetime. Your kids aren’t going to go the extra mile to boil and mash potatoes if they can buy them pre-made. They also aren’t going to reap the benefits of organic, fresh foods.

Our advice: start small. Work on introducing new kitchen tools – even one task per meal at a time. In the beginning, their help may seem insignificant in making a recipe of 20-some steps, but it adds up quickly. Even if they do one-third of the work, it eases your tasks. You can also set them to work washing dishes and packaging leftovers.  It can make time in the kitchen --especially for those of you who aren’t as passionate about cooking or pressed for time -- actually enjoyable.

When it comes to learning new tools, have fruits and vegetables on hand to practice skills. Peeling (because the blade is more dull) is a perfect first task (use lengthier veggies like cucumbers versus fruits like apples), followed by learning to use a pairing knife. Shredding cheese (and you most definitely should to avoid toxins in the form of anti-fungals applied to most store-bought shredded cheese to keep the cheese from sticking together) is also a good task for starters.

To mix it up in the kitchen and provide both parents and kids with some new inspiration, we’ve been into Blue Apron as of late. We get a weekly delivery with all the ingredients to make two meals to serve a family of four. It’s been a solid learning tool for my kids and takes away all of the ingredient and tool searches through your cupboards and fridge and everything is pre-measured. We also typically have leftovers, so learning to package those after a meal – in frego, of course -- has been a huge help.

However you prep, make and store your meals, and clean up after -- kitchen time allows you to teach patience and rewards. Summer is a perfect time to test out these efforts. Get your kids into the kitchen and alleviate boredom, create a sous-chef for you and have everyone at the table enjoying their meal all the more!

Pack Your Snacks for the Road in Style

Frego Admin - Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Packing up to travel with the family is an adventure of its own. Don’t forget sunscreen, swimsuits and beach towels. And don’t forget to pack snacks for the road.

Keeping your entire family happy while traveling includes keeping them fed and hydrated. Planning ahead will ensure you have healthy, flavorful snacks and beverages that allow you to bypass the gas station alternatives.  It’s these poor alternatives that can make a roadtrip downright messy (think Cheetos!) and unhealthy (think sugar-crash induced fighting!).

We’ve worked hard to flip the switch to fun snacking that’s also healthy. We all recognize that our little ones – toddler through age five – are captive to the snacks we put in hand. However, as our kids grow up and can assert their favorite snack ideas, parents give up some of that control. We need to be clever to ensure healthier options are the norm, obviously not only while traveling, but in everyday life.

One part of being clever as we go up against the major marketers to our kids – Ronald McDonald, Chester Cheetah (Cheetos’ brand ambassador) and the Keebler Elves – is to make snack options fun and satisfying. Frego brings the fun in four colorful food storage containers in two and four-cup sizes perfect for snacking. They travel well with their leak-proof seal and wash-up nicely for reuse on the return trip.

Ditch the plastic baggie of grapes stuffed in the travel cooler and opt for previously frozen grapes out of a chilled frego with Chill Out written on the container. Use the outer silicone containers to serve up healthy, crunchy snack options like Beanitos Chips, for example. Use the four-cup frego to mix all of your fresh fruit up for serving with a scribed note to Freshen Up! Chop your veggie varieties (at least three to stave off boredom) so little hands can dig in when they spot a Crunch Out Loud signal on the container – I mean who doesn’t want to annoy their sister?

If your kids are under 16, they are essentially captive in your vehicle. You make the choice on where you stop to refuel. So if you’re armed with great snack options, the gas station alternatives become less of a battle to fight. Better yet, get kids in on the snack prep work. Include some dips and sides based on their ages that add more dimension to the snacks. Get clever and travel well!

Be Safe This Summer With Smart Silicone

Frego Admin - Friday, May 26, 2017

As we transition into summer, we create new routines and help our loved ones experience it to the fullest. We want adventure, independence, relaxation and time for reflection woven into their summer. With one caveat: we want them to be safe.

Caregivers walk the delicate line of letting our loved ones freely experience life and keeping them out of harms way. So as you’re planning fun camps and field trips for your kids or planning weekend visits or family reunions for your parents think safety and convenience rolled into one. After you’ve done your due diligence, organization and planning, send them off or set them up with meals and snacks that are fun and easy.

 Start by prepping and packing food safely in frego for all of their uses. We’re happy to share that our FDA approved silicone sleeve and SoftSnap™ silicone lid and our proprietary shatter-resistant glass bowls deliver on top-notch safety. Whether your kids or parents take it on the go, there is peace of mind in its ease of use. They may take it from fridge to microwave and table to dishwasher or even bake in it.

Silicone is just smart. But not all silicone is made alike.  Frego’s is BPA, PVC, polystyrene, lead and plastic FREE. We like to bend, flex and test our frego containers and lids. They bounce back with resiliency that retains their shape, thus you always get a tight seal between container and lid. Another bonus – the silicone doesn’t stain from contact with foods like marinara sauce.

We designed frego with safety in mind. We love that caregivers everywhere are choosing frego for safety and convenience for their kids and parents. Good luck in your summer planning – may you and your loved ones be #fretobe!

This Earth Day, Be freToGrow

Frego Admin - Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Keeping an open mind in today’s political environment can be challenging.  Aside from being armed with the facts when it comes to climate change, the next obvious question becomes what can we do about it?

The first steps are to look at our own personal consumption of materials and resources and ask where we can make changes to consume less. Suggestions, checklists and ways to go green are everywhere online, so whether it’s your office, home or community environment you’re looking to improve there are answers, alternatives and solutions in abundance.

In 2017, the question is less about if we as an individual in society are aware of options to go green and more about bringing others along in our green mentality. How can we be more vocal, share green practices with others and influence more change?

Green is creative. It goes beyond switching out lightbulbs (not to downplay the importance of this) to taking a thrifty approach in all aspects of our lives. Leading indicators to growth in green practices look to the sharing economy’s founders, activists and participants to ignite a fire under all of us.

The sharing economy is more than individuals making green purchase decisions, it’s a collective shift to an integrated green lifestyle that is capturing business and retail attention. As a growing number of consumers show their preferences with their dollars, business responds. Some site the obscene overproduction over the past decades as coming to an end as we usher in a third industrial revolution that produces products on demand and creative lifecycle uses for materials and resources. Let’s envision that future today.

At Frego, we play a part in this eco-friendly picture by offering sustainable food storage containers for a lifetime of reuse.  It might seem like one small component, but we touch on benefits like efficiency and reducing food waste. Use your frego to freeze, heat, transport food and you’re using less water and energy in the food prep process. Also, when you open your fridge to contemplate bringing last night’s leftovers to work or skipping it and buying something elsewhere, your brightly colored Frego looks like an appealing option, especially when you compare it to dingy plastic containers.

During earth month, we’re sharing some facts about plastic that might be of interest. This type of research prompted the creation of frego so we share it often. This excerpt is from a report published by the Earth Institute at Columbia University:

Today Americans discard about 33.6 million tons of plastic each year, but only 6.5 percent of it is recycled and 7.7 percent is combusted in waste-to-energy facilities, which create electricity or heat from garbage.

The rest ends up in landfills where it may take up to 1,000 years to decompose, and potentially leak pollutants into the soil and water. It’s estimated that there are also 100 millions tons of plastic debris floating around in the oceans threatening the health and safety of marine life.

Relatively little plastic is recycled because there are various types of plastic with different chemical compositions, and recycled plastics can be contaminated by the mixing of types. Plastic waste is also contaminated by materials such as paper and ink. Separating plastics from non-plastics in the recycling process, and different types of plastic from each other is labor-intensive and so far, there has been no easy solution.

Studies like these and information on how humans are destroying the environment are not hard to come by. Again, we ask, what can we do about it?

In addition to making better choices for personal consumption, challenge yourself to take on some larger green initiatives and share them on social media and with your communities. Hold yourself and your family accountable and inspire others to make green choices.

How can you grow through an experiment like this? We’ll be reporting back on our initiatives using our #fretogrow hashtag on our social media. Chime in and let us know how you’re growing green too! 

Luckily We have a Better Option for Food Storage

Frego Admin - Thursday, March 16, 2017

We cannot contain our excitement about providing a healthier, safer, sustainable food storage option! We feel lucky to have consumers that care about the same things we do – safe container handling, sustainable materials and a product that works to meet so many needs.

If you’ve noticed, there are a lot of food storage container options out there. We did a quick sweep of our local wholefoods store shelves and we looked at online shelves to survey consumer preferences over the past year. Are we making progress in the move to sustainable?

One indicator of progress would be less shelf and online space for the likes of plastic containers. The shift is slow, but we believe it is happening. We continue to work on education and the notion that consumers would entirely replace plastic containers with better options. Currently, it seems that even consumers moving in the direction of omitting plastic may still own a mix of containers made of various material types, including plastic types like Gladware for certain occasions.

We press onward.  We know that the global food container market features a highly fragmented vendor landscape and intense competition in terms of product variety and cost.  Frego comes in on the higher end in quality and price due to its multifunctional features , lifetime warranty and sustainability.  Our product fits into the category of glass food containers among a whole host of options including paperboard food containers, bags and pouches, plastic food containers, metal food containers and raw materials food containers.

Consumers definitely have options. When they go to retail shelves and online to review and select, it’s clear that the increasingly sophisticated consumer is demanding convenient packaging that is easy to carry, store, and allows ready consumption of food. Couple this with the rising number of women in workforces, increased number of families consuming packaged foods, and a vast surge in double-income families, and we find that all trends point toward healthy growth prospects of the global market for food containers (source: Transparency Market Research).

 As frego stays simple and true to its product and value proposition, you can bet we’ll be sharing the product benefits of visual appeal, ease of portability, convenience, and freshness protection with the marketplace. We believe there are opportunities to differentiate via packaging and harness the excellent branding real estate and exposure food containers provide.  Stay tuned for some of these types of enhancement by frego in future months.

Thank you for being informed and choosing your food storage container options wisely. With any luck, we’ll shift to sustainable through education, design, environmental concerns and consumer spending power.  It’s in your hands – go green today! 

The Significance of Sending Lunch to School

Frego Admin - Monday, March 06, 2017

Extra-circulars and jam-packed evenings of demands are making the nightly sit down family dinner a rarity. This can be problematic on many levels. Not only is proper nutrition in question, but the quicker pace at which we eat, our distractedness and the timing of when we eat in relation to our activities are all off kilter.

All of these behaviors have implications for our children’s health and wellness. I remember my mom not being as concerned about the nutritional value of my school lunch because we were eating most dinners at home. We had nutritionally balanced meals and conversation at the table. Together. 

Many children today aren’t getting the benefits provided by having an evening meal in this fashion. On a positive note, the absence of a quality sit-down evening meal brings the importance of lunch to the forefront. Parents quite possibly send their kids off to school with lunch made at home solely because they want to know what’s going into their little ones’ bodies. They seek higher nutritional value and better options for their kids.

An additional benefit of homemade meals to-go is the connectedness preparing a meal for someone else, like our children, can bring us.  It’s an act that should be treasured and appreciated for its significance.

Frego celebrates parents who prepare meals to send with their kids to school and enjoys playing a role in people’s everyday lives. Parents prep and pack meals in Frego, write a name or even a message (with easy erase to write something new the next day), and kids enjoy it over their lunch.  The child’s feeling of being cared for a loved via the experience of that meal is meaningful. Parents might also take great pride in the thoughtfulness and time it takes to prepare it as well as a having a sweet little thought of their child around lunchtime amidst their busy work day.

So here’s to thoughtful, caring parents and the meals they prepare, pack and send with their children. It’s important and we thank you for doing a your part to inspire us all!

New Package Design: Fre of Confusion

Frego Admin - Thursday, January 12, 2017

With a mindfulness that comes with January as a season of new starts, we might be paying more attention to labels. Perhaps we are scanning nutrition labels on foods for healthy eating purposes. Or maybe we’re getting organized an assembling a desk for our home office that comes with a large packet of directions. In any case, it can be frustrating to encounter packaging, labeling or directions that leave you with unanswered questions about the product or its uses, especially if it’s a more technical product with multiple or compatible uses.

At frego, package design and labeling has always been of the utmost importance. Upon product launch four years ago, we made choices like avoiding plastic wrap so we could expose the product to touch to convey its quality.  We also made our lifetime warranty promise to replace the product should the highly resilient borosilicate glass happen to break. Lastly, we showcased all of frego’s functionality in a colorful, easy-to-read bulletpointed “fre” list:  fre of plastic, fre to heat, fre of breakage and fre to go.

The marketplace and consumers continue to evolve. In response to these changes and frego’s learning over the past four years, creating and unveiling a new package design in 2017 is timely. We’re excited to share that we’ve moved from a horizontal wrap to vertical wrap that takes advantage of each side, including the product’s vertical side that’s often front and center on the retail shelf.

Enhanced visuals that show the product’s individual parts (glass bowl, lid and silicone sleeve) and collective use as a complete food storage container are more apparent. The larger, main panel reflects the product design and safety, setting it apart from other food storage containers in the market. In a bold move away from a softer blue, frego accents in navy punch up the bright pastel palette to command more attention on the shelf.

We’ve called out our quality product on an eco-friendly level before using the language, “fre of plastic.” With more and more consumers becoming educated about the detrimental health impact of toxics in the environment including our everyday products, we updated our language to “fre of toxins.” Our concept of frego as a revolution in food storage remains. You’ll continue to see our prompt to Join the Revolution on all of our package design along with our social media icons. We invite our consumers to follow us and find other eco-friendly brands and consumers for sources of information and inspiration to live better.

Overall, we believe it’s an improved version of our packaging that helps consumers discern frego’s value proposition among a vast array of choices in food storage containers and systems. Please share your thoughts with us on the new packaging. We’d love to hear from you!

Loving Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Frego Admin - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Food safety definitely comes into play over the Thanksgiving holiday. The big bird might sit out longer than the two-hour recommended maximum for perishables.  Relatives might double-dip into the cheese fondue. The mashed potatoes might mingle with the cranberries for too long – and while that might not be a food safety issue, it’s definitely not appealing.

This Thanksgiving, in addition to your meal presentation consider how you divvy up the leftovers after the big meal. Start by ensuring perishables are put in their place within two hours of their original serve time.  Use glass containers that are no more than two inches deep for cooling and for the best-tasting leftovers, store one item per container.  Be sure you label the container with the date (eat within four days) and either the contents or the name of its intended end-consumer.

Frego’s design makes following these U.S. food safety guidelines easy, fun and then some. Choose a two or four-cup size frego container for each of your dinner dishes, add your leftover item, seal it up with the silicone lid and label on top of the container or if you choose to add the colorful sleeve during food storage, add your label to the sleeve side for in-fridge visibility.

The “and then some benefits….”

If Thanksgiving has your caloric intake out of whack, frego’s two cup containers are the perfect guide for portion control. See the Glamour magazine review here.

If the same guests attend your Thanksgiving feast each year (your kids home from college), they can bring their own frego and walk away with more leftovers!

If you’re left with so many leftovers that make it impossible or unappealing to consume by Tuesday, frego goes right to the freezer without issue (consume within two months), while other plastic containers will send your leftover bird into the freezer-burn zone in no time.

Reheat and eat your leftovers in the same container as you will surely be tired of washing dishes after the Thanksgiving meal.

We are proud to do our part in providing you a better food storage alternative for easy and safe consumption of your Thanksgiving leftovers and every meal. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Like Magic - Frego Keeps Hands Safe While Handling Hotness

Frego Admin - Thursday, October 20, 2016

It’s like magic! A soup heated at 100% for 2:00 minutes in a microwave is removed with bare hands that attest the container is cool to the touch.

How can this be? It’s a little bit of the magic behind frego. Frego was designed with safety in mind. That’s why the inner container of glass does all of the work in heating up its contents while the exterior FDA silicone sleeve surrounding the glass remains cool and calm at room temperature. The sleeve extends an extra few millimeters beyond the top glass edge just to ensure the hands don't burn.

With safety at the heart of frego’s mission and design, we are happy to serve an audience of caregivers of young children and aging adults who previously had limited options for their loved-one’s safe handling of heated foods. With frego, hands – childlike or elderly – are protected.

As agile, functioning adults, we might take for granted our swiftness and confidence in heating up foods, transferring them from a hot oven or over-the-stove microwave. Not all of our population experiences this. Many struggle or are at risk to complete the basic task of safely heating up foods. We found The American Burn Association’s Scald Injury Prevention, an educator’s guide, very helpful in detailing some science and environmental factors while suggesting ways to prevent scalds or burns.

Young Children

The guide points out that young children have thinner skin resulting in deeper burns than adults for the same temperature and exposure time to a scalding substance. The proportion of a child’s body that is exposed to any given amount of a scalding substance is also greater: the same cup of spilled coffee will burn a much larger percent of a small child’s body. Small children also have little control of their environment, less perception of danger and less ability to escape a burning situation on their own. Children grow fast and can reach new, dangerous things every day. They do not realize that hot liquids burn like fire.

Selected Scald Injury Statistics for Children

  • Approximately 21,000 children were treated for scald burns.
  • Among children ages 4 and under hospitalized for burn-related injuries, an estimated 65% are treated for scald burns.
  • The total annual cost of scald burn-related deaths and injuries among children ages 14 and under is $44 million. Children 4 and under account for more than 90 percent of these costs.

Older Adults

Older adults, like young children, have thinner skin so hot liquids cause deeper burns with even brief exposure. Their ability to feel heat may be decreased due to certain medical conditions or medications so they may not realize water is too hot until injury has occurred. Because they have poor microcirculation, heat is removed from burned tissue rather slowly compared to younger adults.

In addition to young children and older adults, people with disabilities are also at a higher risk for burns and scalds. So with those reminders, who among your family and friends could benefit from a little extra care and precaution in food prep and transfer?

This October, be safe. Check out the Scald Injury Prevention guide, which also includes some great specific tips for microwave scald prevention including a suggested age 7+ to operate a microwave.  

This October, prep your kids’ or parents’ meals in frego, knowing that they’ll be able to safely heat up your hearty vegetable soup and enjoy all of the flavors of fall. Just like magic.