About frego

Safe. Healthy. Responsible. 

At frego, this is more than just a tag line; it's how we approach everything we do. Our products combine the best of science, ergonomics and aesthetics, consistently infused with dedication to creating a better world. Our process is guided by the desire to provide innovative products that give us all the chance to make smarter everyday choices. 

Through our exhaustive testing for safety and quality, recycling of scrap materials, and developing fregogiving – a program designed to give back to our communities and donate to children's charities – we not only say we believe in creating a safer and healthier world, we're making it happen. That's responsible.

We are proud to partner with The Lunchbox Fund to donate 1% of our proceeds to their charitable causes. Please find out more about their mission at thelunchboxfund.org


Message from the Founder

Hi! My name is Juhi Gupta Gulati and I'm overjoyed that you're interested in frego. As a wife and mother, I know there's nothing more important than the health and safety of our families.

Years ago, before I met my husband, I was working for a Fortune 100 company, earning my MBA and trying to take good care of myself. I went to the gym and ate as healthfully as I could, but life was really busy.

After we married, I left the corporate world to take care of our growing family, and life got even busier. Every day I packed fresh and healthy lunches for my children, using the best plastic containers available, but the more I learned about the hazards of chemicals, like BPAs, leaching into foods, the more concerned I became. So I stopped heating up foods in the plastic containers. Unfortunately, the number of dishes we were doing doubled. We stored in one container, heated in another, and ate from a third. We also discarded more plastics, further damaging our environment. I realized there were no really safe and healthy food storage and preparation containers, so I decided to make one.

I did not just want a convenient, high-quality, chemically safer system, I wanted it to represent the values that our family holds dear: Social responsibility, healthy living and environmental stewardship. With the help and encouragement of a talented team of people—scientists, engineers, designers, friends and my husband of course—and a lot of research and testing, we created frego.

Now every time you open the microwave and put your frego container on the table, you'll know that your food is safer, you're saving money, you're taking care of your family and the environment, and you're supporting a more socially responsible world. Who knew a container could do so much?

Thank you, and feel "fre" to celebrate.