Directions for Use

Store — Keep foods safe and fresh.
Fridge –The SoftSnap™ lid seals to both the glass bowl and the silicone sleeve. Store with or without silicone sleeve in place.
Freezer – Your frego storage system is safe to -40 °F. You can even put warm frego directly in the freezer.
Dry Goods – Store (rice, sugar, flour…) with SoftSnap™ lid sealed to protect against moisture and contamination.

Prepare — Heat and serve with ease.
Oven – All components are oven safe, (Glass to 600 °F, Silicone to 464 °F). Remove SoftSnap™ lid and heat. Please use hot-mitts when removing from oven. If heated with sleeve in place, allow sleeve to cool before handling with bare hands. Remember, glass may remain very hot.
Microwave – Nest glass in silicone sleeve and peel corner of SoftSnap™ lid to vent. Glass will be hot, but the silicone sleeve and lid will be cool enough to handle without hot-mitts. Use caution when removing lid as residual steam may be trapped, even if vented.

Serve and Go — Simple, quick and safe.
Table – Our silicone sleeve protects surfaces. No need to use a trivet. Just place the glass bowl in the silicone sleeve and place on any surface.
Transport – Place hot or cold glass bowl in silicone sleeve, seal the SoftSnap™ lid and go.

Wash and Care — Fewer dishes, more “fre” time.
Dishwasher – All components safe on any rack.
By Hand – If washing by hand, do not use abrasives as they may scratch the glass.

Safety Tips — Engineered for safety under normal use.
Contents and glass may be much hotter than the silicone sleeve. Use caution when eating/serving directly from container.

Ensure proper seal — To ensure proper seal, please snap the corners shut first. You will hear a 'snap'. Then gently press along the sides.

When sealed, the silicone sleeve and SoftSnap™ lid significantly reduces the chance of breakage from accidental drops, although greater height and hard surfaces increase risk.

Please Note: Due to glass components, we do not recommend allowing children under the age of 7 years to use frego products unsupervised.

More ways to Use Frego

Make it convenient 

Store foods overnight in the glass container with the lid on. In the morning, simply drop the glass container in the silicone sleeve, ensure closing of the lid on the outer sleeve, and you are ready to go! Quick and simple!

Have fun labeling your frego containers

label your frego
Take an opportunity to write a note on the container to your little one, or someone special! Wish them well on a test, write an inspiring message, or simply to say you love them! Use only Dry Erase markers to write on the silicone container. It will dry quickly and will not rub off. Simply wipe clean with a wet paper towel to erase.